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Staffing Division is a made in Berlin recruitment & HR training agency with an established network of the best in class recruitment recommendation consultancy in East Europe, GUS State and Germany.

We owe our success to the deep understanding of local talent markets as well as to our trustful, reliable and caring connections to developers and their needs on other side.

We are made in Germany and specialise in recruitment of high educated candidates with computer science or mathematician university degrees for code and scripts languages.

With a transparent, clear and authentic kind of the approach, Staffing Division sources, acquires and places talented candidates from strong, international educated markets to local clients.

Go east!   

Hire your next technology talent generation from Ukraine. 


  • average of hires by client contains 3 candidates 
  • longterm relationship aspired 
  • full hiring process service ensured 

Berlin [GER] 


+49.176.60967467 (GER)
Isländische Str. 11 10439 Berlin Germany  

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Staffing Division TTA - Personalvermittlungs GmbH 

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Staffing Unit TOB (i.f.)

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